Logitech BASE - Charging stand

2.4 A (Smart Connector) - for Apple 10.2-inch iPad; 10.5-inch iPad Air; 10.5-inch iPad Pro; 9.7-inch iPad Pro
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Manufacturer Logitech
Part number 939-001471
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    • The easiest way to charge your iPad Pro
    • Rethink the way you use your iPad Pro
    • Smart, modern design
    Logi BASE uses Apple Smart Connector technology to bring you a new charging experience. BASE gives your iPad Pro the perfect spot to recharge in any room of the house - and while you're using it too. It has magnets in the charging cradle to perfectly align iPad Pro with the Smart Connector. The Smart Connector has a minimal profile that makes it effortless to place your iPad Pro in the charging position. Just place your iPad Pro on BASE and it begins to charge.

    Logi BASE gives you an ideal viewing angle to use your iPad Pro on a table or countertop anywhere in the house. Set your iPad Pro on BASE in the kitchen to follow your favorite recipes. Say "Hey, Siri " and ask for hands free help to set a timer, convert tablespoons into cups or cups into ounces, or make a FaceTime call to your mom when you get completely lost in a recipe. Set your BASE in the bedroom and make your morning routine a breeze. With a "Hey, Siri" you can check the weather, your schedule, and crank your favorite morning tunes, all hands free. BASE also works great on your desk, allowing you to use your iPad Pro as an extension of your laptop or desktop screen.

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